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Core Process Psychotherapy is rooted in Buddhist psychology and awareness practice.

You don't have to be a Buddhist to benefit as spirituality is viewed not as a set of beliefs but as inner experiential inquiry.

Core Process Psychotherapy incorporates current western psychothrapeutic approaches and skills in a deep exploration of our human nature.

Core Process Psychotherapy takes into account the way in which you "hold" yourself in your physical, mental and emotional forms. Bringing awareness to this shaping process can reconnect you with your full potential and enable a depth of healing.

It aims at enabling you to recognise the patterns and strategies which we all construct in order to function in life. Recognising them enables you to make more conscious choices about the way you live your life.

It works with the issues which are arising for you in the present - here and now.


In this work both therapist andclient are engaged in a joint practice where the therapist is a facilitator and companion. You and the therapist work together at seeing how best you can either hold onto, use or let go of psychological material recognised.

The emphasis is always on what works best for you as a client and not on following a particular method of working, or on any agenda of the therapist.

The therapist's role is to help you to gain insight into your process. As a client, you will be supported to explore any aspect of your life which feels relevant.

This therapeutic process can bring clarity, which enables a resolution of difficult emotions. It can bring about a true connection to self and others. This in turn can inspire personal authority, leading to a feeling of aliveness and purpose.

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