Core Process Psychotherapy and Counselling in London Voytek Rogowski

About myself

I am fully qualified professional psychotherapist who offers confidential services.

I have graduated from Karuna Institute and hold a diploma in Core Process Psychotherapy (Masters level Post Graduate Course).

I am accredited with UKCP - an organisation that sets standards for psychotherapy in the UK.
I abide by UKCP that can be seen at request.

My additional training and qualifications include NCFE in Person - Centered Counselling, course in Group Analytic Psychotherapy and Focusing.
I am also an Integrative Psychotherapy Supervisor trained at the Minster Centre.

I have about 20 years long experience of working in mental health organisations offering counselling, psychotherapy, supervision, trainings as well as setting up and managing counselling services.

I also speak fluent Polish.

What Conditions Can it Help?

I specialize in treating male sexual abuse and any issues related to trauma.
I am also experienced in working with people affected by minor tranquilizers/benzodiazepines.

Other issues I have been working with are:

trouble in relationship
conflict with children, or feeling of inadequacy as a parent
separation or divorce
doing poorly at work or school
losing a job
envy of friends' success in love or work or disappointment that you have not been more successful
serious illness or disability
struggling with feelings of anger and bitterness over early rejection or neglect
performance anxiety or fear of failure
self-blame ,persistent dissatisfaction
feelings of failure, nonfulfillment
boredom or apathy about work
difficult life transitions like the birth of a child,marriage, retirement middle age or a move
adult trauma due to childhood abuse or neglect
desire to engage more fully with emotions
a need to be more in control of your life
emotional numbness
spiritual growth

What Benefits can be Expected?

A goal of the therapy is to begin to repair the trust in oneself and relationship and alter the patterns that hold you back.

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